The Referral Project


“One of the best seminars I’ve seen in quite awhile.” Andy O’Bryan

Build Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Creatives

The Referral Project

Explode Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients

What about you?

  • Are you still struggling with cold calling?
  • Are you using costly marketing strategies that don’t work?
  • Are you still trying to mine the old ways of doing business?
  • Are you leaving massive amounts of money on the table?

Marketing Coach Carol Naff presents easy, low-cost, no-cost strategies to bring in referrals. You’ll learn the essential elements to building a business that:

    • Needs very little marketing investment
    • Generates grass-roots word-of-mouth buzz
    • Brings clients to you instead of you going to them
    • Establishes you as the expert that you are
    • Produces a longer, steadier, and more secure growth model

That’s right, you’ll learn how to have a business powered by referrals with little or no marketing costs. It’s no wonder that this is quickly becoming the strategy of choice for the savvy, elite marketers worldwide.

“In terms of a business boost, I can’t praise Carol Naff highly enough. As a business coach myself, I struggled for years with establishing my practice. Working with Carol as my coach in 2004, my business rapidly started to climb. This year, despite the recession, I am on target to earn $70,000, with only 10 clients! That equates to about 40 working hours a month. With Carol’s help, I fine-tuned my marketing skills and built my referral engine. The results – I haven’t marketed for several years. Clients seemingly fall into my lap by referral. Thank you, Carol!!!! Melinda Condray, Executive Coach, Baltimore, September 2011