Job Search: Strategic Alignment for New Job Opportunities

Attack your job search from every angle. Strategy is important for a new position. You can’t control your search for the perfect position with a single approach. If your approach is to send out resume after resume, then you are missing out on accelerating your job search. Sending out resumes is just one strategy in a myriad of opportunities. Since you are competing with hundreds of applicants, you might not even find a position.

You must identify and use a series of strategic steps in order to land that perfect position. The more innovative you are in your techniques, the better your chance of landing the right position. Take the job search assessment developed by Marketing Coach Carol Naff at to determine what tactics you need to land the job of your dreams.

You are in control of your destiny in finding your new job opportunities. You must get into the driver’s seat and accelerate your actions in your job search to propel you to your new position. You must use every strategy and tool at your disposal to find the hidden job market. It is essential that you check out career services to accelerate your search. Some tactics needed for your job search success are:

  • Consistency in your efforts for new job opportunities,
  • Willingness to be creative as a job seeker,
  • Searching for hidden opportunities in the job market, and
  • Strategic planning to keep you organized and on track.

Do not waste your time on nonproductive job searches. You need the latest techniques on how to polish your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and stand out from the crowd so you will get hired fast and keep missed paychecks to a minimum. You need highly successful strategies and tactics that are very competitive. If you’re looking for a job, you don’t have time to make costly mistakes. You need the edge for your job search.

Consistent application of new skills and strategies + accountability and support = SUCCESS

“After an extended job search for a position and usually coming in second, I finally called Carol Naff. In just a few months, she taught me how to market and sell myself, polish my print collateral, learn to effectively network, and develop appropriate follow-up techniques. There is nothing like learning to network from the ‘networking guru’ herself.” Diane Davis

Diane’s success is no surprise! It’s difficult to accomplish something big without career services training to accelerate the process. With the right tools, support, and guidance, you will be selected first among a jungle of applicants. You need to properly prepare for your interviews so that you will stand out from the crowd. You must learn how to develop your own individuality so you don’t sound the same as everyone else. Confidence, skill, and innovation will get you noticed. Don’t miss an opportunity just because you don’t know how to prepare to land your new job. You need to come in # 1 in the job search process. Coming in # 2 means you don’t get an offer for a new job. Those people who have the greatest success are the ones who tap into the positive energy of one-on-one career services training and support to give them the focused direction they needed.

In addition to refining your personal job search skills, you also need to know how to tap into the hidden job market to find the perfect job or career for your job opportunities. More than 75 percent of the available jobs are never advertised. These are in the hidden job market. There are many resources available to help you locate those latent job opportunities.

Call Marketing Coach Carol Naff at Mariner Company now to help you refine your job search skills and obtain the success you deserve to find new job opportunities. She can be reached at: 303-337-4394.

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