The Referral Project

There’s Still Tons of Low Hanging Fruit! 

It’s there for the Taking, so Start Claiming it for Yourself when You Discover…

The Referral Project

How to Explode Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients

It’s a fact; savvy business professionals worldwide have climbed aboard the referral bandwagon and will never look back.

What about you?

  • Are you still struggling with cold calling?
  • Are you still trying to mine the old ways of doing business?
  • Are you still leaving massive amounts of money on the table?

When you learn how to implement systematic referral marketing you’ll open up the floodgates of new business. Register for this 30-day program to learn to confidently ask for referrals. You know you want them. You know you appreciate them. You know that only 20% of the people you know will give referrals to you. Did you know that 60% of the people need to learn how to give you referrals? And the other 20% will never give you a referral.

 Why referral marketing is so effective:

First, it requires that you determine, as precisely as possible, the types of help you want and need.

Second, you can tap into dozens of low-cost or even free promotional methods that work like a charm.

And third, you’ll attract people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, as opposed to just pretending to listen so you’ll go away.

It all happens when you enroll in The Referral Project... to

Explode Your Referral-Based Business and Bring in Clients

This is the referral program that will catapult your business. Whether you need just a few more clients or you are attempting to double your business income, use The Referral Project to confidently implement your referral system.

While your competition is still out there trying to figure out how to bring in new leads and going after the same tired prospects, you can start to leap-frog them with your new toolbox of cutting-edge, referral-growing techniques and trade secrets that I will provide to you.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this incredible program:

  • A huge boost in your ability to develop and nurture profitable long-term relationships
  • An upgrade to elite status in attracting qualified referrals
  • Real-world systems to build your business more effectively
  • Tools and strategies to help you find your ideal clients
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when meeting potential clients
  • Proven systems to ask for referrals that you can put into action right away
  • Savvy profit pipelines for referrals that you probably never even knew existed

I’m Carol Naff and I have an innate ability to guide my clients to excel and achieve their fullest potential by providing direction, confidence, and increased capabilities through The Referral Project developed by Mariner Company. 

As a marketing/business coach, I help entrepreneurs, sales teams, and business owners develop a strong marketing system to increase their business income. 

You will learn about this amazing program where you will receive jam-packed coaching sessions that will reveal everything you need to know.

The Referral Project includes laser coaching phone calls and emails to get your business up and running as a Referral-Based Business. 

What clients say about Carol

“In terms of a business boost, I can’t praise Carol Naff highly enough. As a business coach myself, I struggled for years with establishing my practice. Working with Carol as my coach, my business rapidly started to climb. This year, despite the recession, I am on target to earn $70,000, with only 10 clients! That equates to about 40 working hours a month. With Carol’s help, I fine-tuned my marketing skills and built my referral engine. The results – I haven’t marketed for several years. Clients seemingly fall into my lap by referral. Thank you, Carol!!!! Melinda Condray, Executive Coach, Baltimore

“Carol does a fantastic job teaching the ins and outs of referral networking. Her ideas really work! The program is a MUST for anyone interested in growing sales and increasing their network.” September 9, 2009 Craig Dietz, CEO, President, Owner, Special Ops, Denver

 “I wish I had used Carol’s services earlier than I did. She is a great coach and teacher. Carol has no canned products; everything is tailored to your business and your abilities. And by making you go through the steps needed to improve your business, you not only learn the steps, but more importantly you understand the why behind those steps. I cannot recommend Carol too highly.” December 10, 2010  Michael King, Black Swan Image Works, Denver

Just think of all the ways that having more referrals will take your business to new plateaus.

Think of where you are now and where you’d like to be in just a few months. Whether you’re starting, growing, or expanding your business, join The Referral Project to learn how you can implement referrals in your business.

Now get ready, because you can get there with laser precision, and I’ll show you step by step how to make it happen. But this program isn’t for everyone. Schedule your strategy session with Carol to determine if this program is for you.

Apply here for your spot in The Referral Project Oh, by the way, we work with your schedule and provide all the tools and systems you need to make a huge difference in your business.

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