How to find your place in the market

You have a great book and now you are ready to sell them. James Redfield, Celestine Prophecy, first self-published his book. When he sold a sufficient number of copies to demonstrate his following, he then was offered a contract by Warner Books. Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, had 144 rejections before he received a book contract.

You already know that your book won’t jump off the shelf and into the arms of an eager buyer. You know that you need to become slightly famous in order to find a market for your book.

If you’d like my full attention focused only on marketing your book, working with me privately to put together a plan is your best option.  The process follows a very specific agenda tailored to your needs to create a dynamic marketing plan for your book.

Services: Marketing for authors with Publicity, Public Relations, Social Media, Coaching, Consulting, and Marketing Copy Editing. 

What you get: Tools to build your integrated marketing plan encompassing your Press Kit, an Internet presence with or without a website, a zinger Elevator Speech that gets attention, your perfect niche, plus specific strategies to get your book(s) in the hands of your ideal customers. and tactics that are no-cost, low-cost to generate sales.

You can find me listed as a resource with The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)