How to Get Clients You Really Want with Clear, Focused Marketing Strategies

Do you have a crystal clear idea of how and where to market? Are getting the results you need? Are you reaching your ideal clients?
This workshop will help you learn how to identify your best low-cost, no-cost marketing opportunities that work. You will learn about dead-ends that steal your time, energy, and income. Carol Naff will teach you how to implement a successful marketing plan that produces results.

  • Presentation Agenda:
    · Find your keys to marketing
    · See the big picture of how to grow your business
    · Develop your marketing hook
    · Find your target market
    · Identify your best proactive strategies
    · Assess the value of online efforts (Web Sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blogs)
    · Implement a value-based enewsletter to drive traffic to you and your website (Dell and Target use these ideas)
    · Learn how to become known as an expert

You will feel empowered once you know the correct strategies to grow your business!

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