It’s Time to Give Your Business More Direct Focus, Clear Direction, and Unstoppable Confidence

At the Mariner Company, we teach entrepreneurs and small business owners the latest dynamic strategies in tandem with proven marketing techniques for unprecedented levels of business success.  Here’s how we do it…

First, Identify Marketing Opportunities

Mariner Company Coaching Systems will guide you with business strategies that have been proven in the trenches. Enabling you to acquire more clients and customers, while turning your current ones into raving fans. You can both grow and sustain your business over the long haul.

You’ll discover how to identify hot business and marketing opportunities bringing more traffic to you. You will avoid dead-ends that drain your time, energy, and finances.

It’s these and other proactive strategies that will increase your success and propel you to the next level in your business.

Next, Eliminate Pitfalls

Many small businesses struggle with various challenges that can seem insurmountable and can prevent them from getting the quick results they seek.

Contrary to popular belief, a lack of funding is not the reason many businesses fail. They fail because they don’t have enough clients.

The Mariner Company excels in teaching clients individualized ways to overcome these obstacles that prevent success.

Check the common pitfalls that affect your bottom-line at

Because consistent conditioning is the key to quick and lasting results, three different programs are available – Individual coaching, The Referral Project, and Business/Marketing Plan Games.

Working with The Mariner Company will allow you to:

  • Achieve increased success and greater personal freedom in all aspects of your life
  • Develop fail-safe systems
  • Seek best opportunities rather than reacting to what happens
  • Build a referral engine that fuels a dynamic and sustainable business
  • Implement communication skills that build trust, rapport, and long-term relationships
  • Create an ideal work situation that compliments what you want in your life

Run, Don’t Walk to Increase Your Income

Many times I’ve wondered why small business owners don’t run for the opportunity to quickly increase their business income.

You’ve heard my success stories. They are all similar to Rick Bauman’s story, a former client:

“I can honestly say that while working for six months with Carol Naff, a professional coach, my website design and hosting business has more than tripled due to her coaching. I could not have reached this success so quickly without her help. My return on investment from coaching was surpassed within the first couple of months.

“Carol simply helps me clarify my goals and create a plan to achieve them. She does this by helping me see things from a new perspective and by holding me accountable for my actions. Carol helps me overcome my limiting beliefs and strive for higher levels of success.” Rick Bauman, ARBIS Internet Solutions, Inc.

If you haven’t significantly increased your business income in the past six months, then start running to participate in coaching with Mariner Company. I realize that many small business owners, who are not my current clients, may not believe that coaching will make a difference for them. So I offer a free-car wash guarantee: If you do not get the results you want in six months, I’ll send a coupon to you for your car wash.

Coaching allows you to access the wisdom of other professionals and learn from their mistakes. You won’t need to make mistakes that can be easily avoided. Because it is such a value to the participant, you can shave two to five years off your learning curve.

What Results Can You Expect from coaching?

  • Clarify your goals and strengths
  • Balance your life
  • Transform your business
  • Achieve focus and confidence
  • Realize increased income
  • Implement proven and effective tools, concepts, and strategies

You’ll discover what your business requires in order to reach the next level and what’s standing in your way. This experience is targeted to your exact needs, and you’ll have plenty of time to talk through what’s going on for you.

How Do You Know if coaching is Right for You? 

See if you can identify with any of these traits:

  • You’re an ideal prospect for this adventure if you have a dream you’re passionate about and want to take your business to the next level
  • You’re looking for structure and support
  • You’re a self-starter
  • You’re willing to experiment and are open to new ideas and change
  • You’re persistent and dedicated

If you’re taking too little action or frustrated because the action you’re taking isn’t working, then this is perfect for you. But coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s how the best get better.

What Are The Benefits?

You’ll identify what’s holding you back and break through to new levels of achievement.

You’ll build and implement an actual marketing plan that’s designed around your strengths, schedule, and budget. The accountability of the coaching experience will make you do what you NEVER would on your own.

  • You’ll receive training in marketing strategies
  • You’ll have the opportunity to test the viability of your ideas and plans
  • You’ll receive help setting goals, establishing priorities, and strategic planning
  • You’ll identify and break through roadblocks and resistance to get on the fast track
  • Your business and marketing will become an automated system – a well-oiled machine
  • You’ll have a support team to celebrate your successes, listen to your problems, and get you unstuck and back on the road to success

If you’re running a business, you don’t have time to make costly mistakes. You need an edge. The power and synergy of coaching and the proven coaching successes will banish isolation and inertia.

Working with a coach is a powerful, transformative process. My experience is that coaching is not only economical – it’s POWERFUL. Yes, economical. You won’t make costly mistakes and you’ll build your business more quickly than on your own.