Marketing with Pizzazz for Artists

TACtile Textile Arts  Center presents:

How to Find Your Place in the Market: Get Paid for your Creative Achievements

You know that you’re a great artist, so why not let others know it as well? TACtile presents a workshop for artists who want to learn the fundamentals of marketing their businesses and getting results. Marketing Coach Carol Naff will teach you how to identify the best low-cost or no-cost marketing solutions for your business, avoiding dead ends and pitfalls that waste your time and energy, and the basics of creating and implementing a successful marketing plan that gets results!

Topics covered include:

  • Find your keys to marketing
  • See the big picture of how to grow your business
  • Develop your marketing hook
  • Find your target market
  • Identify your best proactive strategies
  • Learn how to have a web presence with or without a website
  • How to incorporate business social media
  • Implement a value-based enewsletter to drive traffic to you and your website (Dell and Target use these ideas)
  • Learn how to tap public relations to get in the press
  • Learn how to become known as an expert

Visit TACtile Textile Arts Center’s website for dates. The next class is Saturday, June 2.

You will feel empowered once you know the correct strategies to grow your business!

From  class participants: 
“Thank you, Carol! Your class was invaluable to me. It really helped me understand how much is involved in, successfully, turning a hobby into a business and it gave me some great tools for making it happen. I also really enjoyed all of the interaction by the participants. What a great group! Hope I see you at TACtile ” Tish Gallagher

“I really enjoyed the marketing class for artists. Your information on press releases in particular was very valuable. It never would have occurred to me to write a release about myself. You have given me lots to think about. Thanks again, Carol, for the wonderful class.” Carmen Kwolkoski, Montana Girl