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Marketing networking: Use no-cost Internet marketing strategies to build your brand

Originally posted on Carol Naff, Marketing Coach:
It all starts with you. Write to Build Your Brand and Share your Knowledge Start by writing an article. Choose a topic to communicate your brand with content that is valuable. What are…

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Listening to Complainers is Bad for Your Brain

Exposure to nonstop negativity actually impairs brain function. Here’s how to defend yourself. Do you hate it when people complain? It turns out there’s a good reason: Listening to too much complaining is bad for your brain in multiple ways, … Continue reading

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Do you exude confidence?

  Are you shy? Are you reserved? Do you project enthusiasm and warmth? Intelligent? Outgoing? Friendly? Cheerful? Professional? How do you connect with your audience? Do you know how to make a great impression? Do you know what impression you want … Continue reading

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