Hierarchic Theory

Hierarchy Theory of Needs for your Business

Abraham Maslow developed the hierarchy theory of needs. All of his basic needs are instinctual, equivalent of instincts in animals. Humans start with a very weak disposition that is then fashioned fully as the person grows. If the environment is right, people will grow straight and beautiful, actualizing the potentials they have inherited. If the environment is not “right” (and mostly it is not) they will not grow tall and straight and beautiful.

It just makes sense that the life of a business follows closely on the heels of Maslow’s needs for the life of humans. Let’s explore the basic need of establishing systems for your business. The first basic need is a vision.

It isn’t easy for business owners to create the vision of what they want. They’re usually absorbed by current conditions. Odd as it may seem, these owners are actually building more of what they DON’T want. They will continue on that track until they can decide on possibility – and exactly what it is they DO want.

Three steps to get started:

1.      Make the distinction between what you now have and what is possible.

2.      Build up a vision in one small area.

3.      Increase the intention that the result will be achieved.

Strategy: Handle the day-to-day realities. Handling them well builds strength. Address at the same time conceptualizing the future.

Tactic: Lead your life. You choose what you want. When others decide what you do everyday, you are following your life.

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