Colorado’s women-owned businesses up 55% since 1997

Carol Naff Marketing Coach

Women Owned Businesses Increase 55%

Colorado’s 178,300 women-owned businesses are expected to generate more than $26 billion in revenue in 2014, according to the fourth annual American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, released Wednesday.

The report analyzed the 1997, 2002 and 2007 data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s read more in the Denver Business Journal.

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Five Sites That Will Save You a Lot of Time

Shelly Palmer publishes a daily blog on the latest technology. Follow him here.

Sites to save time

The more time you spend on the Internet, the more you realize that some things should be a tiny bit easier than they actually are. Here are a handful of sites to make day-to-day comings and goings on the Internet a little bit easier, quicker, and less stressful. Get tips on bitly, google glass, and google images in this article by Joey Lewandowski  on Shelly’s blog.

Shelly Palmer is Fox 5 New York‘s On-air Tech Expert (WNYW-TV) and the host of Fox Television’s monthly show Shelly Palmer Digital Living.  He also hosts United Stations Radio Network‘s, Shelly Palmer Digital Living Daily, a daily syndicated radio report that features insightful commentary and a unique insiders take on the biggest stories in technology, media, and entertainment. He is Managing Director of Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC an industry-leading advisory and business development firm and a member of the Executive Committee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the organization that bestows the coveted Emmy® Awards).

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How to Answer Stupid Job Interview Questions

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

What are the stupid questions?

Our client Angela went on a job interview.

“It’s supposed to be a Marketing Manager job, but they sure talk a lot about graphic design in the job ad,” said Angie. “And the job’s been posted on the company website for six months.”

Angie went to the interview and sat in a lobby for half an hour. A nice woman came to get her and deposited her in a small interviewing room. A not-as-nice lady came in and started grilling Angie with questions, taking notes as Angie spoke (no eye contact – all… Read more at LinkedIn

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Networking marketing: The most consistent opportunity for marketing your business

Carol Naff, Marketing Coach

Marketing networking email signature Connect with a great email signature

Promote something, extend an invitation, or make an offer. You are missing a great opportunity when you are not using your email signature as a marketing tool. It is important to include a call to action. A well-designed email signature will make a huge impression with current and future clients and stand out among other messages in an inbox.

Use it to continue the relationship in your networking. Your email signature should be dynamic and informative when you follow-up with people you meet at networking events. Tell them who you are and what you do. Make it easy for them to contact you. Include a number of ways for readers to contact you. It is very important to always include your phone number so they don’t need to hunt around for it. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your websites…

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Social Media: Protecting deceased from identify theft

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

Social Media: Theft in the digital age

The UpTake: According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, 73 percent of online adults use social media. When a family member or friend who used social media passes away, how do you protect identities and life from identity theft? It can get tricky to do the right things. Read more here in Upstart Business Journal

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Marketing networking: Use no-cost Internet marketing strategies to build your brand

Internet Marketing Strategies

Carol Naff, Marketing Coach

Start by writing an article. Choose a topic to communicate your brand with content that is valuable. What are your areas of expertise? How do you want to be known? Let your authentic image show.

It isn’t enough to build your brand if you only write for your blog or your enewsletter. You can optimize your writing and use no-cost marketing strategies to repurpose those articles. Use them to spread the word to enhance your presence in the marketplace. Repurpose everything you write to spread the word far and wide. These are some ideas of where to maximize your writing:

  • post them on your blog
  • post it on websites like
  • send the article to your network in your enewsletter with links to the article and your website
  • post them on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter and again, include links to your website and blog
  • mention your article when networking and offer to send it…

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Brilliant PR move for Omaha AND the Broncos go to the Super Bowl!

Peyton Manning accomplished two things Sunday: He earned his third trip to the Super Bowl with a win over the Patriots and he helped raise a good chunk of change for charity in the process.

How’d he do that?

By yelling “Omaha!” 31 times during the Broncos’ victory

Earlier this week five Omaha business joined forces to contribute $500 for every time the QB said “Omaha” before taking a snap. Right before kickoff another company got in on the action and the total for each mention rose to $800. Read more

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Pinterest is very important for your brand

Marketing Coach Carol Naff

These 5 Brands are Nailing it on Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, many brands aren’t quite sure how to turn boards and pins into followers and potential customers. However, now more than ever it is important to not overlook this image sharing social network.

Pinterest users have proven that they trust… (read more) If you’d like more information and help with your Pinterest strategies, contact me.


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Report: Target Investigating Massive Black Friday Data Breach

It’s not just online transaction databases that are susceptible to attacks. The retailer Target is reportedly looking into the theft of millions of in-store credit card and debit card records from its databases. Customers all over the United States were victimized, reported Brian Krebs, who cited people at two of the top 10 credit card issuers in … Shelly Palmer blog on technology news

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Facebook Begins Rolling Out Auto-Playing News Feed Video Ads

marketing coach Carol Naff

Video ads to run on Facebook

They’ve been a long-time coming, but Facebook’s new video ads are finally here. Confirming an earlier report from the Wall Street Journal that said they’d launch this week, the company said it will start rolling out promoted videos to a limited number of users’ News Feeds. They will kick off with mini trailers for the new film, Divergent. Leaning on a model … read more

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